Death - At Death's Door

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It's the party from hell -- literally -- at death's door.

Everyone's favorite Goth girl, Death, practically gets pushed out of her own realm when sisters Delirium and Despair throw a wild party for the dead. It all starts when Lucifer Morningstar abdicates his throne -- leaving the Key to Hell with Death's brother, the Sandman. As the reluctant Sandman contemplates what to do, hell's nastiest denizens are free to evacuate the premises. Unfortunately for Death, they end up in her apartment. It's up to Death to save day and the afterlife -- not to mention the carpet. Will the power of the Ankh prevail?

  • Genre
  • Fantasy/Mythology, Graphic Novels, Mature, Vertigo 
  • Author
  • Jill Thompson 
  • Artist
  • Jill Thompson, Lee Loughridge 
  • Status
  • Completed 

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