100 Bullets

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The story begins with the mysterious man named Agent Graves playing his weird life changing games. He gives different types of people an attaché which contains a gun, 100 untraceable bullets, a picture of a person that has wronged them and undisptuing evidence to back it up (a list of the recipients is linked here). Some of them succeeded and became a part of the big plan. Graves' plan was to bring down the Trust, a many centuries old secret organisation formed by the heads of thirteen European aristocratic families that has the control of the New World, for their betrayal. Graves gathered the remaining members of his team, the Minutemen and some new recruits. Step by step the sleeping Minutemen wake up by using the cryptic word Croatoa and the downfall of both teams starts.

  • Genre
  • Crime, Gore, Graphic Novels, Mature 
  • Author
  • Brian Azzarello 
  • Artist
  • Eduardo Risso 
  • Status
  • Completed 

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