Batman and the Outsiders Special (2009)

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Spinning out of Batman R.I.P. and DC UNIVERSE: LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, this special features the birth of a new era for the Outsiders and is a perfect entry point for past and present readers alike. FINAL CRISIS has changed the universe forever and though Batman may be gone, his legacy must endure. Forces are set in motion that give rise to a new team ready to combat the secret evil that the Outsiders were truly formed for all those years ago. Is Geo-Force the best leader? Or will Black Lightning prove to be a challenger? Plus, the introduction of a never-before-seen character important to the Batman mythos!

Alfred apologizes to the graves of Martha and Thomas Wayne for letting their son die. (Events in Final Crisis)

That night Alfred is sleeping in Wayne Manor when he is awoken by an alarm and rid light that leads him into the Batcave and into a secret room. There a hologram of Bruce Wayne appears and tells Alfred that if he is hearing this Batman is dead, but he needs Alfred to do one more thing. Alfred excepts the mission to reform the Outsiders.

Castle Markov- Geo-Force is awaking from his dirt-nap to the news that Alfred Pennyworth is there to see him.

Keystone City- Roy Raymond rescues a kidnapped little girl and beats up her abductors. He is then approached by Alfred who has an offer for the crime fighter.

Kaqndaq- While hiking near the Buddhas of Naiymab Alfred is kidnapped by some rebels who take him to see Jack Ryder. There Jack transforms into the Creeper and helps Alfred escape claiming he grows bored in his new life.

Tochigi, Japan- Alfred interrupts Katana's ritual to ask her to join the new Outsiders.

Chicago- Black Lighting recharges his powers, by being hit by lightning. Alfred asks to have a moment of his time.

New Orleans- Halo helps clean up some damage and make some kids happy. Alfred asks that when she is done if he might have a word.

The previous headquarters of the Outsiders- Katana walks through the rubble remembering Rex and Salah. Then she gets ill and vomits up Metamorpho, who before being killed was able to put a piece of himself in Katana.

Elsewhere- A cult leader demands one of the worshiper let the other kill him and eat his flesh to gain his power. The worshiper allows this with out question leaving the question who is this dangerous cult.

  • Genre
  • Action/Adventure, DC Comics 
  • Author
  • Peter J Tomasi 
  • Artist
  • Chris Chuckry 
  • Status
  • Completed 

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