House Of Mystery

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An ongoing series and spin-off of The Sandman set in The Dreaming from writer Matthew Sturges and for the first few issues, Bill Willingham. Similar to the original House of Mystery series, there are different stories told each issue with a framing device around them. The premise involves Cain, caretaker of the House of Mystery finding his home disappeared. Eventually a woman by the name of Bethany Fig Keele is summoned to the house. Inside the bar, various other characters are forced to tell stories as they come and go.

  • Genre
  • Fantasy/Mythology, Horror, Graphic Novels, Mature, Vertigo 
  • Author
  • Bill Willingham, Mathew Sturges 
  • Artist
  • Bernie Wrightson, Luca Rossi, Sam Weber, Sohpie Campbell 
  • Status
  • Ongoing 

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