Lady Demon - Hell To Pay (2015)

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Lady Demon, the archduchess of Hell, is on the run! Hunted by Lucifer's war parties after a failed assassination plot, her only chance is to escape to Earth inside a living vessel. Selecting a recently murdered young woman named Violet Sparks, she takes flight from Perdition as a stowaway, only able to exert control of her host's body in times of extreme duress. But little could she suspect that Violet is the center of a dark conspiracy... an innocent wrongly condemned to Hell for the sins of her bloodline. Together, Lady Demon and Violet unravel the mystery of the woman's parentage while cutting a bloody, fiery swath through the Deep South!

  • Genre
  • Action/Adventure, Gore, Graphic Novels, Mature 
  • Author
  • Aaron Gillespie 
  • Artist
  • Juan A Ramirez, Dijjo Lima, Mirka Andolfo 
  • Status
  • Completed 

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