Outsiders - Five of a Kind (2007)

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In WEEK 1: Nightwing/Boomerang, Batman's first vote is cast! The two Outsiders with just one thing in common — a troubled relationship to the Dark Knight — must reconcile their differences to go up against Chemo

S.T.A.R. Labs' Outlook space station. Last month- The S.T.A.R. Lab hooks up with a orbital Chemo, much to the confusion of the scientists on board.

Now- Batman has taken command of the Outsiders and orders the team to pair off into groups he has selected and audition for a spot on his team. His first pairing is Nightwing and Owen Mercer. Batman informs Nightwing that the S.T.A.R. Labs researching Chemo has gone dark and wants Nightwing to check it out. Batman believes Owen's super-speed will come in handy while dealing with Chemo's radioactive abilities.

During the flight to the lab, Owen tries to convince Nightwing that Batman does trust him because of what his father did, and can't look past that to see the good that Captain Boomerang has done. Nightwing will not argue with Owen, but keeps changing the subject.

Aboard the Lab the pair quickly learn that everyone is dead and Chemo is still attached to the Lab in his restraints. They are then attacked by 6 smaller Chemo type creatures. Nightwing learns that these are fail experiments much like Chemo. Owen is able to jettison into space before they can kill Nightwing or himself.

The Us Army nears the Lab, but Nightwing tells them to hold off and plans on sending Chemo into the sun for what he did to Bludhaven. Owen, who got secret orders from Amanda Wallers stops him and the two heroes fight.

Own is able to lock Nightwing in the shuttle that brought them. Owen then quits the Outsiders, deciding to stay with Waller and her Suicide Squad. Nightwing goes back to Earth and also quits Batman's Outsiders.

  • Genre
  • Action/Adventure, DC Comics 
  • Author
  • Christina Weir,Nunzio DeFilippis, Tony Bedard 
  • Artist
  • Guy major, Freddie E William II 
  • Status
  • Completed 

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