The Multiversity: The Society of Super Heroes

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The biggest adventure in DC Comics history continues!

Grant Morrison joins modern legend Chris Sprouse (TOM STRONG, BATMAN: RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE, ACTION COMICS) for a trip to Earth-20 starring a Society of Super Heroes unlike anything you’ve seen before! It’s pulp Super Hero action with a post-modern twist — you can’t afford to miss it!

Who is the demon-like Green Lantern protecting Earth-20? What secret does Doc Fate hold that could save the world? Who are the hand-to-hand and air-to-air combat queens known as the Blackhawks? And what happens when these heroes come face to face with their diabolical Earth-40 counterparts – led by Vandal Savage – for an epic war between parallel worlds? Find out all that and more in this exciting stand-alone issue which also acts as chapter two of the overall MULTIVERSITY storyline. Join us, if you dare, for THE MULTIVERSITY!

Note: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Ray Palmer, Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson), Hawkman, Alan Scott, Hourman (Rex Tyler), and Black Canary appear on the Guillem March variant cover only.

The Earth 13 Heroes Superdemon (Etrigan), Hell Blazer (Constantine), Klarion the Witch Man, Enchantress, Annataz, Swamp-Man, Deadman and Fate appear on the Frazer Irving Variant Cover only.

  • Genre
  • DC Comics 
  • Author
  • Grant Morrison 
  • Artist
  • Dave McCaig, Walden Wong 
  • Status
  • Ongoing 

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