The Trials of Shazam! (2006)

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Acclaimed writer Judd Winick (OUTSIDERS, GREEN ARROW) redefines the mighty Captain Marvel in a 12-issue maxiseries featuring a stunning new art style for fan-favorite illustrator Howard Porter (THE FLASH, JLA)!

The world is in magical turmoil as Captain Marvel tries to keep everything under control in the aftermath of the events of DAY OF VENGEANCE. And with the rest of the Marvel Family powerless, it's all up to him - unless some drastic changes occur fast. Luckily, everything changes by this issue's end!

In New York City, Zatanna is shown to have some trouble defeating a magical monster. Captain Marvel appears and helps her beat it, by smashing it into the ground and telling Zatanna about the monster's weakness to water. Marvel then informs Zatanna that the reason various magical beasts have been appearing in recent weeks, is because the 'books of magic have been rewritten', and everyone associated with magic now have new roles to assume.

At the Rock of Eternity, Marvel, as Billy Batson, notes how magic now bends more easily to his will, regardless of whether or not he's transformed into Captain Marvel at the moment. He then travels to Norway, as there is a situation there he has decided to take care of. When there, he (as Billy) infiltrates a truck containing several children who were to be used in a ceremony requiring the blood of seven virgins. When one of the two men inspecting the truck confronts Billy about his age, he turns into Captain Marvel. He proceeds to beat the two of them, despite that they use a powerful shapeshifting spell on themselves. Those involved with conducting the ceremony decide to proceed without the virgin blood, and settle for the blood of one of their own, however corrupt. The ceremony appears to turn one of them into a giant frog-like being which Marvel manages to revert after a short battle. Marvel then intends to get the other kids back into the city, and imagines that they'll be less alarmed at Billy's appearance than Captain Marvel's, so he attempts to revert back. However, instead of reverting back to Billy, Marvel is now astonished to find out he has transformed into a paler, and more powerful entity than the classic Captain Marvel.

  • Genre
  • Action/Adventure, DC Comics 
  • Author
  • Judd Winick 
  • Artist
  • Howard Porter 
  • Status
  • Completed 

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