Vertigo Visions - The Phantom Stranger

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Old age can be its own kind of hell—just ask the tormented residents of the Paradise Gardens Retirement Home. Loneliness can be worse than purgatory—just ask Naomi, a young woman working her first night-shift at the home. But all that is about to change, because tonight is the night Naomi is going to meet a Stranger. Geronition is the story of an old-age home where evil has soaked into the very woodwork, and where nothing is as it appears. It is a place where nothing, and no one, can be trusted. Especially not a Stranger.

  • Genre
  • Horror, Gore, Graphic Novels, Mature, Vertigo 
  • Author
  • Alisa Kwitney 
  • Artist
  • Guy Davis 
  • Status
  • Completed 

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