Vertigo Jam

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All-new tales! A free-form band composed of some of the best talent in the medium got together late one night in Vertigo's back room and cooked up the anthology VERTIGO JAM, a great place to experience a riff of Vertigo's ongoing monthly books. The first cut is an 8-page SANDMAN number by Neil Gaiman and Kevin Nowlan that explores some of the nooks and crannies of Dream's kingdom. Other tracks include a HELLBLAZER tale by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon in which Constantine has an encounter with an old flame; a SHADE, THE CHANGING MAN piece in which our hero explores the religious morals and the carcass of a baneful priest, as recorded by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred; a DOOM PATROL tune by Rachel Pollack and Eric Shanower in which the team must contend with a pair of promiscuous spirits who have escaped from their headquarters; an ANIMAL MAN cut by Jamie Delano, Scot Eaton and Mark Pennington in which Buddy Baker and a straight-shooting fowl talk turkey; a haunting SWAMP THING melody about a ghost lost in the plant realm of the Green, composed by Nancy A. Collins, Phil Hester and Kim DeMulder; and the bizarre experimental sounds of KID ETERNITY by Ann Nocenti and Sean Phillips.

  • Genre
  • Fantasy/Mythology, Graphic Novels, Vertigo 
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  • Various Writers 
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  • Various Artist 
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  • Completed 

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