Xin - Legend of the Monkey King (2002)

Read Xin - Legend of the Monkey King (2002) Online Summary:

A jam-packed adventure series kicks off right here! From the high grounds of an ancient land, a lone warrior fights to regain his place amongst the gods. This is Xin, who ran from his respected duties only to return and lay claim to the major seat of power. His way is blocked, however, by his former allies - the 8 Saints, and the one who replaced him. The fate of the world hangs in the balance of their battle!

Xin the greatest warrior in the Heavens Xin The Monkey King, Seeks a chair amongst the gods, tricking them they made him nothing more then another of their slaves, breaking his ties he turns on them destroying heavens protectors and his former allies the 8 saints he starts his campaign against the heavens.

  • Genre
  • Action/Adventure, Fantasy/Mythology 
  • Author
  • Erik Ko 
  • Artist
  • Kevin Lau 
  • Status
  • Completed 

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