Marie of the Dragons

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Marie is 12 years old when she finds her village has been destroyed, her parents murdered, and her brothers and sisters reduced to slavery. She swears that, one day, she will take revenge for this... Fifteen years later, Marie has become a fighter who sells her skills to the highest bidder. With her friend and blood-brother, William, she fights the 'Dragons' – strange creatures that hover on the borderline of reality. Marie is the only person who can see them and confront them. That's when she finds herself on the trail of one of her family's murderers. Will she be able to avenge her family? And are her strange abilities linked to the slaughter that occurred when she was a child?

  • Genre
  • Fantasy, Historical, Supernatural 
  • Author
  • Ange 
  • Artist
  • Status
  • Completed 

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