Deadpool v Gambit (2016)

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Gambit- one of the smoothest, best-looking operators in the world of the X-Men. Deadpool- one of the most annoying, ugliest dirtbags in the world of everything. Naturally, these guys got beef. But do you know what they have in common? A secret history of working together to pull con-jobs. That's right- the grift is on as the Regeneratin' Degenerate and the Ragin' Cajun begrudgingly take on one last job together. Writers Ben Acker & Ben Blacker (Thunderbolts, The Thrilling Adventure Hour) and artist Danilo Beyruth (Gwenpool) lead us into the dirty underbelly of Deadpool and the squeaky-clean abs of Gambit!

  • Genre
  • Marvel, Supernatural 
  • Author
  • Ben Acker, Ben Blacker 
  • Artist
  • Status
  • Ongoing 

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