Green Lantern vs. Aliens

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Hal Jordan patrolled the spaceways in the name of cosmic justice as one of the greatest Green Lanterns to ever don the legendary power ring. In a never-before-told chapter of Hal's adventures, he faces and defeats the universe's ultimate killing machines: the dreaded Aliens. At the battle's end, Hal chose to "contain" their evil, rather than exterminate the creatures. Now it's years later, and Kyle Rayner has inherited Hal's duties -- as well as responsibility for some of Hal's "unfinished business." As Kyle and some former members of the GL Corps struggle to save a planet from the acid-dripping beasts, he has a sinking feeling that this is a war with no chance for a happy ending.

  • Genre
  • Action, Adventure, Superhero, Dark Horse  
  • Author
  • Ron Marz 
  • Artist
  • Dwayne Turner, Rick Leonardi 
  • Status
  • Completed 

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