Transformers Spotlight: Blurr

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Blurr is living a glamorous life. He's the undefeated racing champion and Cybertron is under his feet. But maybe his hedonistic life of wealth and fame is veiling him the reality where the political upheaval that's consuming his beloved planet. Blinded by the bright of his own ligh, he will have to choose a side in the inevitable conflict. And to gain some advantage, Starscream could be a bad influence and thanks to Blurr's thirst for power and recognition, gain a new ally for the Decepticons. But on the other hand, Optimus will try to focus Blurr's impetousity intro the inspiration the Autobots will need in the Great War to come.

  • Genre
  • Movies & TV, Robots, Sci-Fi, IDW Publishing 
  • Author
  • Shane McCarthy 
  • Artist
  • Casey W. Coller 
  • Status
  • Completed  

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