Zero Hour: Crisis in Time! (1994)

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BEFORE READING THIS SERIES, MAKE SURE TO READ "CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS OMNIBUS", "DEATH AND RETURN OF SUPERMAN OMNIBUS", "KNIGHTFALL OMNIBUS", AND "ARMAGEDDON 2001 OMNIBUS", AVAILABLE ON READCOMICS. When all of his family and friends are killed by the attack of a super-villain, the once heroic Green Lantern went insane and became the immensely powerful Parallax. Hoping to save his loved ones, the mad Hal Jordan decided to recreate the universe by unraveling time. Now as realities and time lines converge, dinosaurs walk the Earth again, deceased heroes are resurrected, and half the population has suddenly vanished. With Parallax on the verge of success, Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Robin, Aquaman, and the rest of the world's heroes must find a way to stop their former comrade or cease to be as all existence ends. Ten years after Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC Comics created Zero Hour to standardize continuity and end the Bronze Age of comics.

  • Genre
  • DC Comics 
  • Author
  • Dan Jurgens , Jerry Ordway 
  • Artist
  • Status
  • Completed 

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