Countdown to Infinite Crisis Omnibus(2003)

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BEFORE READING THIS SERIES, MAKE SURE TO READ DAY OF JUDGEMENT AND ZERO HOUR: CRISIS IN TIME, AVAILABLE ON READCOMICS. Time has been rewritten: what was once a multiverse has been condensed down to a single universe, and it's starting to unravel at the seams. As everything that could go wrong does go wrong, members of the Justice League are systematically driven insane when they are each pushed past their limit. This collection includes Batman: Under the Red Hood, Wonder Woman: Stoned, Superman: Road to Ruin, Green Lantern: Rebirth, Green Lantern Corps.: Recharge, Identity Crisis, O.M.A.C. Project, Rann-Thanagar War, Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day, Villains United, Day of Vengeance, Return of Donna Troy, Planet Heist, JSA/JSA, and more! Countdown to Infinite Crisis collects all of the major storylines for Infinite Crisis into a single, linear timeline. Each book is also listed by series so you can read them individually as well.

  • Genre
  • DC Comics 
  • Author
  • Judd Winick , Brad Meltzer , Geoff Johns , Greg Rucka , Gail Simone , Bill Willingham , Phil J 
  • Artist
  • Status
  • Completed 

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